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Having had ducks since I was eleven years old, I cannot imagine being without them. At one time or another, I have owned almost all types of waterfowl, turkeys, and chickens in both the standard (large) and bantam (miniature) sizes.

I became interested in showing waterfowl in my late teens and have done so continuously for the last forty five years. While my first love has always been waterfowl, (ducks and geese) I have bred and shown bantam chickens for the last twenty years or so as well as continuing to work with my established strains of bantam ducks. I am a member of the N.P.I.P. program. My approval number is 558.


Lou's Tips


It is easy to allow one's pens and fences to deteriorate over time. Wood rots, and metal rusts. Since predators never stop testing for ways to reach your birds, that mistake could prove costly. Years of breeding work could be lost in one night if fencing,pen doors, or roofs fail to protect your birds. 

Make it a habit to periodically inspect your facilities and replace or repair suspect parts.


The News

PLEASE NOTE: There has been a sizable increase in Express Mail rates. I must, therefore raise my flat rate for two birds to $90  three and four birds to $110 as of now.

All Mandarins sold out until fall. Early orders will be a must to assure that pairs are available. see price list to place an order.


Here is a useful link to a rundown of all upcoming shows. Click Here