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11/29/2014 - 11/30/2014

Held in Iowa City within a stones throw of I80, this show always features a great class of Wyandottes, both bantam


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Having had ducks since I was eleven years old, I cannot imagine being without them. At one time or another, I have owned almost all types of waterfowl, turkeys, and chickens in both the standard (large) and bantam (miniature) sizes.

I became interested in showing waterfowl in my late teens and have done so continuously for the last forty five years. While my first love has always been waterfowl, (ducks and geese) I have bred and shown bantam chickens for the last twenty years or so as well as continuing to work with my established strains of bantam ducks. I am a member of the N.P.I.P. program. My approval number is 558.


Lou's Tips


There are two very good reasons to wash chickens. Of course one should wash birds one plans to show. One should also wash birds one plans to offer for sale. Trust me; they will sell more quickly and for more money if they look their best.  See my article on fitting birds for shows for specifics.


The News

PLEASE NOTE: There has been a sizable increase in Express Mail rates. I must, therefore raise my flat rate for two birds to $90  three and four birds to $110 as of now.

Normal colored Mandarins now available. White Mandarins sold out for 2014. 

Here is a useful link to a rundown of all upcoming shows. Click Here