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Having had ducks since I was eleven years old, I cannot imagine being without them. At one time or another, I have owned almost all types of waterfowl, turkeys, and chickens in both the standard (large) and bantam (miniature) sizes.

I became interested in showing waterfowl in my late teens and have done so continuously for the last forty five years. While my first love has always been waterfowl, (ducks and geese) I have bred and shown bantam chickens for the last twenty years or so as well as continuing to work with my established strains of bantam ducks. I am a member of the N.P.I.P. program. My approval number is 558.


Lou's Tips


If your birds are not on free range, they will need supplemenary grit to aid in digesting their feed. By the way, I have found that the small granite grit is a big help in eliminating slippery situations during the winter in the bird areas where one does not want to use salt or other chemicals.


The News

Beginning with the 2015 season, I will offer Black Wyandotte bantams and Gray Calls again for the first time in many years. At this time, nothing is for sale in those.

At present, I am sold out in all of my breeds.  Place orders now for next year to avoid being disappointed.