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Resources - Books and Periodicals

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This is a site constructed and run by poultry fanciers from the UK. Good pictures and some nice articles.

This site promotes the keeping of urban chickens. It contains a useful forum for novice poultry raisers.

The International Waterfowl Association promotes all aspects of raising domestic waterfowl.  Every serious raiser of waterfowl should support this organization.

The International Mandarin and Wood Duck Breeders are a Yahoo based discusion group devoted to the Mandarin and Wood duck.

The National Call Breeders is a US based group devoted to the Call.

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy is dedicated to the preservation or rare breeds. The above link is their list of domestic ducks which are considered endangered.

The Call Duck Club of the U.K.

Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine. They offer diagnostic services.

This site is devoted to birds in general and ducks in particular. A nice general purpose site.

The British Waterfowl Association is the principal organization governing the standardization of breeds of domestic waterfowl in the UK.

The American Poultry Association prints the Standard for chickens, waterfowl,and Turkeys.

The American Bantam Association prints the Bantam Standard and also sells many books related to poultry