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Getting Started

  1. Introduction to Heritage Breeds
  2. Why Wyandottes?
  3. One Judge's Perspective: the Snowy Call
  4. Calls: Are We Perfecting Them to a Dead End?
  5. Chick Raising 101
  6. Pet Peeves of a Veteran Exhibitor
  7. New- Random Thoughts on Breeding Philosophy and Many Other Topics
  8. Frequently Asked Questions About Poultry Shows
  9. It has Been a Great Ride
  10. It Has Been a Great Ride Pt2
  11. Ashbrook's Notes on Fitting Chickens for Shows
  12. It Has Been a Great Ride Pt 3
  13. Avoiding Pitfalls
  14. So, My Duck (or Goose) is Laying Eggs- Now What?
  15. A Return of the Urban Chicken
  16. A Range Shelter will Keep Showbirds Fresh
  17. The Leg Color Problem in Embden Geese
  18. Raising Ducklings and Goslings Step-By-Step
  19. Zimmerman Bantam Duck Brooder
  20. Winter Equipment Maintenance
  21. Wyandotte Type Illustrations
  22. Winter Flock Maintenance
  23. Using Artificial Lighting to Stimulate Egg Production

A Return of the Urban Chicken

While many countries in Europe and elsewhere welcome the keeping of small flocks of chickens in urban areas, the same has not been not true in the U.S. where even in relatively small towns there are often ordinances prohibiting the keeping of poultry. Perhaps that attitude is beginning to change with the advent of heightened interest in organic foods. New York City, Portland Oregon, Los Angeles, Ca. and Seattle are among the larger cities that now permit the keeping of chickens. Usually the ordinance requires that no male birds be kept and that the flock be kept small. Some towns even require a license but as more and more home owners express interest in keeping small flocks, more cities are considering amending restrictive ordinances. Two netsite that will assist with hlepful information on all aspects of keeping chickens in an urban setting are and

An urban chicken house

Originally published: 01-03-2009
Last updated: 12-31-2011